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Bone-Rad Therapeutics, Inc. is a Delaware corporation whose objective is to develop and market Spine-Rad™ Cement as an innovative, improved, and cost-effective treatment paradigm in the management of tumors in bone and soft tissue.



Spine-Rad™ Cement is designed to provide local, targeted irradiation to assist in the prevention of tumor progression in the surrounding bone, while simultaneously restoring bone strength. When used in the spine, Spine-Rad™ Cement combines and simplifies the current two-step process for treatment of spinal tumors—vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty followed by external beam radiation therapy (EBRT). The product concept is analogous to the internally-targeted treatment of breast and prostate cancer tumors using brachytherapy techniques.



I am very excited about the potential that Spine-Rad™ Cement can offer to improve the care of patients with primary or metastatic disease in bone. This technology can significantly improve life expectancy, as well as the quality of life of these patients. As a physician and orthopaedic surgeon, it brings me great satisfaction to offer the expertise and scientific knowledge of our phenomenal Bone-Rad team of experts in a constant effort to improve and extend the quality of life of cancer patients. This is our mission and promise to you.

Sincerely Yours,
Harry B. Skinner, M.D., Ph.D.

CEO and Co-Founder 
Bone-Rad Therapeutics, Inc.

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