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Bone-Rad Therapeutics, Inc.



Bone-Rad Therapeutics, Inc. is a Delaware corporation whose objective is to develop and market Spine-Rad™ Cement as an innovative, improved, and cost-effective treatment paradigm in the management of tumors in bone and soft tissue.



The multidisciplinary nature of Bone-Rad Therapeutics requires a synergistic approach that combines expertise in medical devices, orthopaedic surgery, radiation oncology, biomedical engineering, and materials science.

Market Opportunity


Seventy percent of bone metastases involve the vertebra and, each year, over 230,000 patients will develop symptomatic tumors of the spine. This figure will only increase as the elderly population continues to increase.

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Investor Relations


Bone-Rad Therapeutics is currently in the Start-up funding stage and is seeking investment from Angels, VC and high-net-worth individuals.

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