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Investor Relations

Bone-Rad Therapeutics is currently in the Start-up funding stage and is seeking investment from Angels, VC and high-net-worth individuals. Inquiries should be made to:

Harry Skinner, M.D., Ph.D., President and CEO

Bone-Rad Therapeutics' initial Seed Funding was provided by a $760,000 research grant from the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program. The results of this research include:

  • Submission of 2 patents with 37 claims

  • Method for creating a P-32 radioactive bone cement

  • Functional prototypes for Spine-Rad™ Cement and Spine-Rad™ Cement Mixing and Delivery System (MDS)

  • Development of dosimetry models and validation in cadaver specimens

  • Development of manufacturing processes and shipping requirements

  • Spine-Rad™ Cement leaching studies to verify P-32 bonding to PMMA

  • Bone cement compressive strength studies following therapeutic radiation dose

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