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Spine-Cav™ Bone-Cutting Device

The use of bone cement in the vertebrae is commonly preceded by the creation of a void in the vertebral body to facilitate the injection of the bone cement.

Bone-Rad has created the Spine-Cav™ bone-cutting device to simplify the creation of this void in a quick and economical procedure prior to the injection of the Spine-Rad Cement. The device consists of two stainless steel blades that cut through bone as the device is rotated, allowing a void to be created even within dense bone and blastic lesions, but that also retract into a small-diameter tube for ease of entry/exit into/from the vertebral body.  With blades retracted, the device is capable of passing through a cannula to access the inner vertebral body.

Source for all figures above: Phys Med Biol. 2010 May 7;55(9):2451-63. doi: 10.1088/0031-9155/55/9/002. [LINK]
© IOP Publishing.  Reproduced by permission of IOP Publishing. All rights reserved.

The Spine-Cav™ device was also used during an evaluation of preliminary clinical protocols for the use of Spine-Rad™ Cement during vertebroplasty. Under biplanar imaging guidance, the device was introduced via an 11-gauge cannula into vertebrae at several levels of two male cadaver specimens. Once deployed within the vertebral body, the device blades were opened to create a cavity, then closed for retraction and removal. Spine-Rad™ Cement was then injected into the cavity.

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